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What Makes the Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Georgia?

With one out of every 81 Georgia households filing for bankruptcy each year, it can be challenging to find a law firm that views you as a person—not a case.  The process for filing for bankruptcy may appear complicated, but every client has unique circumstances that need to be addressed on an individual basis to ensure a successful outcome.  The best bankruptcy attorney in Atlanta will have extensive experience and provide clients with the compassionate and personalized service they deserve.

Qualities to look for

It is easy to find a law firm to file the paperwork required in a bankruptcy case.  But to achieve the most success, you need an attorney who truly supports every aspect of your situation.  The best bankruptcy attorneys will have the following qualities:

  • Experience. Filing for bankruptcy is a complicated process involving a detailed understanding of financial matters and applying legal requirements that frequently change.  Nothing can replace the experience our lawyers have from focusing over 75 percent of our practice on consumer bankruptcy.  We have helped over 25,000 Georgians obtain a fresh financial start.

  • Compassionate and responsive support. Facing financial difficulty is a challenging time when the processes of bankruptcy can seem overwhelming.  Our attorneys and staff guide you through the entire process.  We answer your questions promptly and clearly, and our flexible appointment schedule and 12 offices provide a level of convenience not offered by many firms.

  • Negotiation skills. A large portion of the bankruptcy process involves working closely with court appointees and creditors to negotiate a settlement for all outstanding debt.  Some negotiations go smoothly—but it is not uncommon for some creditors to want a larger share of the pie than is reasonable.  We enter into all negotiations backed by a thorough understanding of your financial requirements.  Throughout the process, we remain staunch advocates for the best interests of our clients to achieve a reasonable settlement for all involved.

  • Advice and resources. Filing for bankruptcy is not the right solution for every situation.  You need an attorney who takes the time to really assess the details of your situation to determine whether bankruptcy or another option is the best way to achieve the financial future you need.  Whatever solution is right for you, we make sure you have access to the full in-house and external resources you need, from accountants for complex financial circumstances to reputable credit counselors.

Your case should not end the day the final creditor has been paid

The best bankruptcy attorneys recognize that emerging from bankruptcy is only the first step in achieving a strong financial future.  Particularly in the current challenging economic environment, many people find it almost impossible to meet their day-to-day needs without returning to financial strife.  The attorneys at Berry & Associates make sure you know the techniques you must use to avoid future credit problems and to rebuild your credit rating and financial reputation.

Let an experienced Georgia bankruptcy lawyer help you build a brighter future

You need an experienced law firm to handle your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing.  Let Berry & Associates work with you to determine which bankruptcy option is best for your financial circumstances.  Contact us today.

Call the law offices of Berry & Associates now to schedule your free consultation at one of our 12 Georgia offices.

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