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Stop Wage Garnishment and Protect Your Income

Once a creditor has received a court ordered judgment against you their next move will be to collect what is owed.  If you are unable or unwilling to pay the creditor, more than likely they will get an order of garnishment.  If this happens, money will be automatically taken from your paycheck and paid to your creditor.

Having your wages garnished is not only embarrassing but could also be the beginning of your financial tailspin.  When wages are withheld for one creditor it becomes harder to keep up on other bills, especially if you are barely making the minimum payments on credit cards or medical bills.  Now, one creditor is taking a big chunk of your paycheck, making it impossible to keep up with your other financial obligations.

How Does Bankruptcy Protect Your Paycheck?

When you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy an “automatic stay” goes into effect that prohibits and stops almost all collection activities by creditors.  Wage garnishment, along with harassing phone calls, letters, foreclosure and repossessions are all considered forms of collection.  This means the wage garnishment will be stopped as long as the bankruptcy stay is in effect.  (A creditor is allowed to ask the court to lift the stay, but the court will only grant such a request in very limited circumstances.)  An automatic stay prevents creditors from calling, stops all attempts at debt collection, and most importantly, stops wage garnishment.

Why Bankruptcy Works for Many Georgians

Every person’s situation is different, and talking with an experienced attorney is the only way to properly determine the best way to eliminate debt.  However, personal bankruptcy is a proven method of helping individuals and families get back on their feet because it:

  • Stops creditors from garnishing wages.
  • Prevents the embarrassment that comes with your employer knowing about your financial troubles.
  • Prevents a wage garnishment from causing you to fall even further behind on other debts.
  • Sometimes allows recovery of some of the wages garnished prior to filing.

Using an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney to Stop Garnishment

The well-respected Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys at Berry & Associates have over 140 years of combined experience helping Georgia residents stop wage garnishment.  We will review your entire financial situation and help you determine if bankruptcy is the right option for you.  We offer a free consultation at any of our 11 North Georgia offices, and represent clients across the state, including Decatur, Jonesboro, Douglasville, Atlanta, Cartersville, and Blue Ridge.  Call our office today at (800) 414-3328 to talk with a qualified bankruptcy lawyer.

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